Zenit'Sensacions is the result of creating a specific unit of treatment for insomnia, stress, pain and its consequences from a holistic non-pathological aspect.

Whether or not there is a pathological cause that causes it, insomnia, and with it all its variants, is a precipitating agent and direct conditioning of health. It is when we sleep that the body regenerates. Not just from daytime tiredness, but from the cellular stress that involves all the biochemical processes that take place within our body throughout the day in order to maintain the different organic functions: breathing, eating, walking, listening, talking, thinking, feel, perceive ... If we do not get people to sleep and rest, everything we do is left in a "bag of funds" waiting for the body to assimilate it. So sleeping and resting well is the goal par excellence.

At Zenit'Sensacions our team puts all their knowledge and sensitivity in order to eliminate stress, improve insomnia and pain while devoting ourselves to a unique and necessary personal space from where to regenerate the body.

Zenit'Sensacions is an exquisite treatment menu of Zenit'Salut. The hands of our team combine the delicacy of nursing, the Physiotherapy technique and the sensitivity of Quiromassage in a sublime balance.

Our menu is made up of 6 meticulously selected and worked treatments to treat the athlete's stress, insomnia, pain and neuromusculoskeletal recovery:

  • Zenit'S Sports
  • Zenit'S Sensacions (neuro-sedative, relaxing)
  • Zenit'S Silenci (aquatic neuro-sedative)
  • Zenit'S Dream (neuro-sedative)

Zenit'S Sports

The objective of this treatment is to reduce muscle hypertrophy achieved in sport, increase muscular flexibility and the extent of joint mobility to ensure the optimal state of the musculoskeletal system and minimize the risk of injuries.

The aim of the treatment is to do a good muscular kneading work to relax the muscle and eliminate accumulated toxins by finalizing the treatment with myofascial stretching and joint mobilization.

You have to be healthy to do sports and not, do sports to be healthy. Here is the difference between health and injury.

Zenit'S Sensacions - Neuro-sedative, relaxing treatment

The objective of this treatment is to awaken the system of exoceptive and proprioceptive sensory receptors (touch, temperature, pressure, hearing, smell, movements, position ...) in order to trigger a sensory response of the nervous system and with it a deep relaxation regenerator

The massage combines different pressures and massotherapy techniques in perfect harmony, order and execution in order to achieve a regeneration of the muscular and sensitive system.

A unique internal trip that allows us to clear the body of stress.

Zenit'S Silenci - Aquatic Neuro-sedative Treatment

The aim of this treatment is to rebalance the nervous system, the visceral, the myofascial, the musculoskeletal and the emotional, and with them to improve the physiological functions of the body affected by triggers such as pain and stress among others.

It is a water treatment that combines different physiotherapy techniques such as Crani-sacral, respiratory control, Halliwik and Watsu with the aim of waking up the place of our body from where the biological functions repaired the organism.

Only by achieving the balance between the internal functions (central and peripheral nervous system, hormonal, muscular, myofascial system ...) and the external ones (emotions, stress, ... ..) we can embark on a path of Health.

From silence, we can hear and understand. From compression, modify the environment and improve.

Zenit'S Dream - Neuro-sedative Treatment

It is the most exclusive health treatment of Zenit'Sensasions. 90 minutes of exclusivity within the aquatic facilities of our center.

We start the treatment with an infusion of herbal depuratives specially selected by the nursing service of Zenit'Salut. Next, a neurosedant aquatic treatment (at 33 ° C of water temperature) is performed 15 minutes which prepares the body and encourages it for the massage that we will carry on the edge of the pool, on a futon.

The entire swimming pool environment is transformed into a carefully illuminated atmosphere to silence the parasympathetic nervous system. The music accompanies every movement of aquatic therapy and massage in a perfect synchrony. The body is worked with pure vegetable oils at a soft temperature in order to numb each cell of the body and achieve absolute regeneration of body and soul.

It is a treatment especially indicated for people very stressed with chronic pain like fibromyalgia, cancer or simply to give yourself a moment of unique and incomparable health. .

Zenit'Salut puts your professionalism and sensitivity to the service of your well-being.