Zenit'Salut Workshops

Precisely because Health is much more than the absence of illness, Zenit'Salut has the collaboration of professionals trained in sports medicine, Mindfullness and Qi Gong.


While many of us do sport and even very high intensity, this does not guarantee that we do well, and in good physical condition. It is for this reason that with our Doctor of Sports Medicine, Dr. Pedro Rodríguez will soon organize conferences on medicine and sports.

Soon we will announce the first of them.


Thanks to the collaboration in the center of Margot Vivet, an expert in NLP (neuro linguistics programming), Coaching, Mindfullness and conscious movement, Zenit'Salut opens its doors so that you can achieve an optimal state of well-being learning in recognize and manage all those emotions derived from everyday life as well as those that arise after having suffered a more or less severe pathology that alters our life and that of those around us.

This training will be distributed in 8 workshops of 3 hours each one that will take place on Saturdays in the morning.

They are specially indicated:

People who are subject to high work-life stress (doctors, lawyers, nurses, publicists, civil servants, etc.)

People who have suffered an ICTUS (brain infarction) and do not know how to manage the changes that the pathology has caused in their environment (slowing down simple processes, needing to be helped by monotonous tasks, anguish due to lack of independence ... etc )

People who have lost the sense of their lives for changes in their family situation


With Véronique Piguet. all those who wish you can discover the grandeur of Qi Gong. A discipline of ancient Chinese movement and breathing that balances our body and our minds. According to Dr. Yves Requena, it is "the gymnastics of happy people."

Qi Gong means energy work. It is based on slow movements of the body coordinated with breathing and concentration. It is the discipline that nowadays attracts a great diversity of the public for its preventative and curative health effects. It seeks to balance the body, breathing and mind. achieving the strength of the immune system, activating the circulation of energy that nourishes and defends us and promotes optimum blood circulation in order to balance organs and viscera.

There will be 4 workshops per year of 4 hours. Each workshop will coincide with the seasonal change of spring, summer, autumn and winter in order to prepare for all the physical and emotional changes that take place depending on the season as traditional Chinese medicine teaches us.


Soon we will give you information