Zenit'Salut Physiotherapy

Our team is at your disposal to solve any alteration of the skeletal muscle device and its consequences as well as any emotional alteration derived either from a pathology, be it of a personal situation. In order to improve the your welfare However, our utmost responsibility is to put our knowledge to your service in order to avoid pathologies with the functional training service. Thanks to the meticulous work of the body in strength, resistance and flexibility we can guarantee that whatever our age is, our body remains healthy and pain-free.

For this reason we have three distinct units:


We have four treatment booths to deal individually with any traumatology, rheumatological, oncological, neurological, painful, pediatric, pre-part and post-part pathology from physiotherapy and medicine. Traditional Chinese and acupuncture

We have a medical team of Low Frequency Biotesla 3000 Magnetotherapy (100 Gaus) and low intensity (1-30000 Hz) especially indicated in cases of osteoporosis, osteonecrosis, arthrosis, vascular disease, respiratory disease, muscle breaks, fractures, edema , chondromalase, stress and pain disorders ... etc. The magnetic field stimulates the metabolism of calcium and collagen, stimulates the exchange of nutrients, cellular electrical activity, has a vasodilator effect, anti-inflammatory, analgesic decontracturant, hypotensive and sedative

Thanks to Dr. Pedro Rodríguez, we are a certified center of sports reviews and effort tests.


Our center is equipped with an aquatic unit specialized in physiotherapy. It has a pool of 7x3 meters of water at 33ºC, one of 1x3metres of cold water at 13ºC, access crane for people with disabilities and a shower service. The hot pool has a sub-ground running treadmill on the floor level, a counter-current swimmer and a whirlpool bench. The atmosphere is very warm and we can control the light of the environment both at the pool level and its exterior to adapt it to each person and therapy, as well as music.Aquatic physiotherapy is indicated to any person, with any pathology, even those people with panic in the water, and of any age. It is the unit where our professionals most enjoy their work especially when we work with pregnant women and their babies.


Talking about functional training is talking about exercise. We work with the weight of our own body, without fitness equipment and under the direction of our physiotherapist. Thanks to our knowledge in TRX, Pilates, Reformer, proprioción, pliometry, coordination, work with resistance bands, fitballs, respiratory work ... we continue a program of strengthening the body and flexibility while respecting the correct alignment of the body, Correct muscular execution and all those necessary modifications in case of pain or pathology.

Our classes are either private or group based on the physiotherapist's diagnosis. They are aimed at: healthy people who want to improve their physical condition, people with pain derived from bad postural habits, people with skeletal or muscular pathology, people who need to reduce their body weight ... etc


If you are a health or sports professional and want to use our facilities, Zenit'Salut opens its doors so that you can come to work with your clients either:

  1. Rental of treatment booths.
  2. Rental of the training room.
  3. Rental of the water space.