About us

According to WHO (World Health Organization) Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not just the absence of illness.

Zenit'Salut is the result of treating from the Health and not from the illness those people who put their lives in our hands. Only from Health can we identify those factors that contribute to improving imbalances. Only from Health can we change the negative vision of an illness and start its process of global recovery.

Our goal is to offer a maximum quality service, personalized and adapted to each person in order to achieve and maintain and improve the state of health.

We have a specialized aquatic physiotherapy service where our patients enjoy the advantage of being treated individually in a therapeutic pool of 33ºC. The unit has a cold water pool for thermal contrasts, access with a crane for people with disabilities, and a dry treatment area for any assessment or work that the physiotherapy team considers appropriate.

What we do

Zenit'salut is a physiotherapy and health center. We talk about health because our job is to maintain the balance of the person as a physical, social and mental entity.

Our team considered it very important to differentiate three well-differentiated work units, although intimately linked to each one of us.

Zenit'Salut: because health is physical well-being.

Zenit'Sensacions: because health is an emotional balance.

Zenit'Sport: because health is movement.