Zenit'Sport is the sport physiotherapy and sports medicine unit of our center.

Dr. Pedro Rodríguez is responsible for our sports medicine service by:

  • Medical check-ups for soccer federations, basketball etc.
  • Basic and complete testing efforts for high level competitions

The sports physiotherapy service is responsible for the work of prevention, monitoring and advice of patients and athletes, both amateur and professional. Our goal is to make you understand that "You need to be healthy to do sports and not to do sports to be healthy."

Our services include:

  1. Strength training, resistance and joint amplitude post injuries
  2. Technical swimming and training where the athlete swims against "himself" (with the help of the ENDLESS-FASTLANE)
  3. Learning
  4. Technique
  5. Functional training in group or individual sessions
  6. TRX, Pilates, Reformer, Pliometry, Coordination, Stabilization, Flexibility
  7. Postural reeducation
  8. Respiration
  9. Training aimed at people overweight
  10. Conferences of sports injuries prevention, well-planned workouts, stretching, nutrition...